At Park Ridge, starting at 9:30am through to 10:30am every Sabbath (Saturday) morning, the Kids & Teens separate into age-specific groups for their Sabbath School classes. Our dedicated Kids & Teens Ministry team join in partnership with parents to help kids discover and follow Jesus and experience God’s great love for them. 

From babies through to Senior High School, there is a place and a program at Park Ridge for young people of all ages. Each one will experience the Word of God through interactive Bible lessons, praise & worship, prayer, age-specific object lessons, and arts and craft activities.  

Educational research has shown that young people of all ages learn best through a variety of methods. In our Sabbath School classes, teachers aim to create an atmosphere of nurture and exuberance where our young people are actively engaged in learning how to be a disciple of Jesus. The lesson and activities are delivered using a variety of teaching styles – Imaginative; Analytical; Common-sense; Dynamic –  to stimulate interaction with all participants within the class setting.

Lessons are also designed to teach the four main dynamics of a Christian life: 

  • Grace (Jesus loves us); 
  • Community (We love each other); 
  • Worship (We love Jesus); 
  • Service (We love to be the hands and feet of Jesus to serve) 

These form the overarching themes for all the Kids & Teens Sabbath School class lessons to provide a well-balanced program that is all-inclusive for all learners. 

Our desire is for every child will accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and give their lives to Him as a true expression of reverence and adoration for Him in their life.

There are Mission stories and additional programs organised for Kids and Teens as well.

These are the general age groups for each Sabbath School Class.

You can also download the Sabbath School App from either of the app stores below.


If you would like more information on Kids & Teens Sabbath School classes, please feel free to contact us.